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2024 Hotlist: Top 5 Destinations… and our insider tips!

  • Japanese Red Gate Stadning In Water

These destinations will be hot this year. We share our insider tips for each:


Japanese influence is blossoming on our shores with a recent explosion of J-Jazz, Puppet theatre, Harajuko fashion, and all things cute – ‘Kawaii’-style. 2024 is the year to experience Japanese culture on its home turf.

Nowhere else on Earth does the most cutting-edge technology blend so seamlessly with ancient cultural traditions. While Japan’s big cities are larger than life with their futuristic fashions, flashing lights and frenetic activity, the countryside offers some of the most zen and serene surroundings of green paddy fields, bamboo forests and snow-capped volcanoes.

Underneath Japan’s lively exterior is a precision and peacefulness that makes it so enjoyable to explore and simply take your time over.

Insider tip: Don’t feel compelled to go for cherry blossom season. The shifting and fleeting 2-week window means you could miss it, and you’ll avoid crowds outside this period.


Costa Rica has been a firm favourite for a few years and remains so. However, 2024 is the time to branch out. Discover the hidden treasures of Central America on a trip through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize. Incredible outdoor adventures and spectacular scenery awaits you.

Insider tip: Avoid the generic by following these tips:

  • In Costa Rica, stay at a hidden yet luxurious lodge deep in the jungle, where adventures are personalised to you.
  • in Panama, kayak along the canal watershed for a sense of perspective.
  • in Nicaragua challenge yourself on a climb of the Twin Peaks on Ometepe Island.
  • in Guatemala go beyond the Mayan ruins of Tikal and venture deeper into the jungle to the fascinating archaeological site of Uaxactun.
  • End your journey on a private catamaran sailing the hidden cayes off Belize.
Kayaks River Through Jungle
Seal Crab Black Rock


The inspiration for Darwin, the Galapagos islands are a step back in biological time. On these protected isles, an encounter with endemic nature awaits around every volcanic corner and in every shimmering cove.

Unfamiliar with predators, immense prehistoric-looking iguanas brazenly ignore you, and tortoises stand waist high as you walk through grasslands. Seals loll on volcanic black-sand beaches by and blue-footed booby birds watch you inquisitively from nearby rocks.

Insider tip: Many travellers to the Galapagos choose to stay on a live-aboard boat. However, the experience staying on land can be more rewarding and allows you much more freedom.

GASTRO-TRAVEL – Denmark, Peru & Vietnam

Let your taste buds be your guide on your next adventure.

Peru has taken the gastronomic scene by storm recently. Naturally wholesome and bursting with indigenous flavours, the local ingredients pack a citrusy, earthy, distinctly Peruvian punch.

Ascending the Michelin rankings is Denmark, home to some of the world’s best restaurants. ‘Farm to table’ (or more often, ‘sea to table’) freshness is a guiding principle here, be it at the most fine-dining of establishments or the growing number of street food markets. Top class eateries are springing up in the most unlikely of places – find them in old shipyards and repurposed bus depots.

For an established street food tradition, head to Vietnam. Tantalising savoury aromas tempt you from every street corner. Decide between crispy pancakes with shrimp and bean sprouts, grilled-meat skewers infused with lemongrass, or ‘pho’ broth and noodles with a myriad of toppings.

Can’t decide where to go? Cross continents on your culinary quest and pack in all three!

Insider Tip: Mix up the culinary experiences – splurge on a Michelin-starred restaurant but delve into the places only locals go – that’s often where the real gems lie!

Oysters In Hands
Misty Peaks Sunset


Having been one of the last countries to open up post-Covid, numbers of visitors to this awe-inspiring country are still low. It’s a great time to explore China without the crowds.

A contradiction of all things modern and centuries-old tradition, China will reward visitors with diverse cultures, history, landscapes and food, as well as off the beaten path gems. While the cities are thriving and densely populated, China’s rural areas offer tranquility and fairytale scenery with rarely an interruption.

From iconic historic sites such as the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army to ornately decorated Han or Ming Dynasty temples, China’s rich history is sure to impress and enchant, while vast bamboo forests and dramatic karst landscapes ensure your nature cravings are satisfied. Forget any preconceptions and let China surprise and delight you.

Insider Tip: Make sure to balance the busy cities with the dramatic isolation of the countryside.


Photograph credit: Japan & China – Tianshu Liu Unsplash; Costa Rica – Boena Wilderness Lodges, Senderos; Galapagos – Stuart James Unsplash; Oysters – Charlotte Coneybeer; Japanese Gate – David Edelstein – Unsplash


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