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3 things to avoid on Sabbatical

New year, new horizons! Planning that sabbatical? Dodge these common slip-ups:


Resist the urge to squeeze it all in. Time is your ally, so dive deep into each spot. Uncover the hidden gems, soak up the local vibes, and let each destination unfold at its own pace.

Winging it

Spontaneity adds excitement, but a lack of planning can end in chaos. Research, research, research, and book the essentials. Don’t risk being stranded: have a game plan for transport, accommodation, and the main attractions.

Peak Season

Timing is everything. Aim for the low season; it’s not synonymous with gloomy weather. Fewer crowds, lower prices, and a fresh perspective on your chosen spot.

Crafting the trip of a lifetime is an art, and at LiNGER, we’ve mastered it for over 20 years. Ready for your next seamless adventure? Get in touch and let’s start planning!


Photo credit: Japan – Jezael Melgoza Unsplash


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