Vivid, vast, and varied, Asia is a land of contradictions. You’ll find big, bold cities and the most peaceful, undulating countryside, glittering temples and simple wooden ryokans, snow-capped Himalayan peaks and rolling green rice terraces – however much it doesn’t seem to make sense, there’s beauty behind the madness. Encompassing the Indian subcontinent, a huge chunk of Russia, the Middle East, Japan, China, Indochina, and more, there’s a whole world of adventures to be had in Asia.

Epic scenery abounds. Marvel at limestone grandeur in Vietnam’s Halong Bay or Zhangjiajie in China, the inspiration for the landscapes in the movie Avatar. Feast your eyes upon rice terraces in Ubud, Indonesia or in Sa Pa, Vietnam’s lush northern region. Drive across the rugged Gobi desert in Mongolia and cross jaw-dropping Himalayan mountain passes in Nepal and Tibet. For photographers, there are striking views wherever you choose to go.

For wildlife lovers, there’s an abundance of must-visit places. Swathes of jungle cover the island of Borneo and huge areas of India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Look out for orangutans, macaques, and pygmy elephants, as well as harder to spot rhinos and tigers. Underwater is a haven of marine life that attracts divers the world over – for some of the best dive sites, head to Malaysia’s Pulau Sipadan, Indonesia’s Raja Ampat, or the Andaman & Nicobar Islands between the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. And for something a little different, the Komodo Islands are a must, home to the lumbering Komodo dragon and more incredible marine life.

Foodie travellers can’t go wrong either. Gastronomy is such an important part of a visit to Asia but highlights include Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, and Malaysia. A melting pot of cultures and influences throughout the continent makes for diverse and delicious cuisines, all with oodles of flavour. If you like your food spicy, China’s Sichuan province should be top of your list. Street food is a big part of Asian culture and you’ll find markets and small stalls in most of the major cities. Some of our street food highlights include Bangkok, Penang, Mumbai, Hanoi, and Singapore. Tuck into local delicacies from ‘pho’ to ‘laksa’ and ‘vada pav’ to ‘ramen’, a memorable part of any trip.

For off-the-beaten-path adventure, exclusive Bhutan guarantees a memorable experience – limited visitor numbers ensure an air of secrecy and prevent it from becoming overcrowded. For an authentic experience, it doesn’t get much better than a visit to The Land of the Thunder Dragon. Take in iconic sites such as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery and embrace the national sport of archery.

Culturally, geographically, and gastronomically fascinating, Asia really does have it all.


















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“Soooo happy, our guide Juan Carlos is lovely and the room and hotel are beautiful. Very happy. What a start!”

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“Could not be happier – it is absolutely amazing!”
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“Awesome morning and amazing hotel. Five nights here. Another morning in paradise! It is amazing. Have found my divine happy place on playa pelada.”
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“It is soooo beautiful I have found my final resting place when I have only weeks left to live! They have upgraded us and we’re busy lying watching the trees change colour minute by minute, jacuzzi to die for, walk to waterfall and then massage before dinner. Tomorrow horse-riding before more trees and jacuzzi then time to weep with a mix of joy and sadness before leaving. I love love love love love love love love love it!  Thank you for alerting us to it. I might have to extend my stay!”

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“We are leaving today but I can hardly bring myself to leave! It is so beautiful just sitting appreciating nature. Love our experience here!”
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“Thanks so much for all your help Steve. It has been the trip of a lifetime!”

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“It really has been spectacular and I have really really loved it. You chose such special and memorable places and I have so many great memories.”
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“I can’t say enough for our guide Oscar, he is amazing. He made every opportunity to speak with locals count.”
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“Thank you so much for a completely outstanding trip. You just don’t know! My SnapChat tells a cultural story. So much more than the typical vacation.”

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“Things have been going great. We LOVED the canyon with its rappelling, hiking and swimming. Absolutely fantastic!”

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“We continue to have a great time. The experiences, hotels, and staff have been excellent. I am sad, however, that my knees aren’t as young as I thought they were. But even with old knees, I hiked Maderas and I just might be a little proud of that!”

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“We loved Datanli and La Bastilla. We worked with Scarlett there and she was lovely. She answered all of our questions about the process of making coffee and trust me, we had a lot.”
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