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Avoid hidden charges while Abroad

  • Avoid Hidden Charges While Abroad

Avoid nasty Surprises

ATM fees and bank fees for card purchases can add up quickly abroad. It’s also easy to get caught out by unfavourable exchange rates. One way to avoid these issues is to get a currency card before you travel.

Avoid Hidden Charges While Abroad

Tried and Tested

We’ve tried and tested Caxton’s and can objectively recommend it. It doesn’t charge ATM withdrawal fees or transaction fees and generally offers more favourable rates than most banks. It’s accepted anywhere that displays the Mastercard logo. Additionally, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager who you can call for assistance, wherever you are.

Top Tips

If you’re planning your trip in advance, you can load your Caxton card with foreign currency when the exchange rate is good. Having a separate account for your travel expenditure also makes accounting a lot simpler. Keep in mind that American Express cards are not always accepted; Mastercard and Visa are a better bet.

For more on Caxton cards: (available to UK clients).


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