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Back from Kenya

  • Kenya

Our founder, Steve, has been in Kenya, seeking out the best this awe-inspiring country has to offer. Beyond the traditional safaris, we’ve been discovering the real Kenya and the lesser-known spots to put the ‘Wow!’ into your sabbatical or holiday.


1. Samburu Singing Wells

Meet Samburu tribesmen in their lesser-visited region. This nomadic pastoral tribe maintains their traditional way of life. Join the elaborately decorated tribesmen as they dig their wells while singing and dancing, calling their herds to drink. It’s said the cattle recognise their own herder’s voice.

2. Big Tuskers

Spot the remaining ‘Big-Tuskers‘ in Tsavo East. The tusks of these endangered, red-rust elephant bulls are so long they sweep the dusty ground. Only a handful remain – visiting this region helps reinforce the positive benefits of tourism and fend off poaching.

Big Tusker

3. Lamu

Donkey carts trundle through winding sandy lanes between houses built of coral, the doorways decorated in ornate Swahili wood carvings. A distinct culture, largely undiscovered by tourism, this vibe here remains authentic. Take a dhow to visit the untouched white sand beaches of the archipelago, lapped by brilliant turquoise waters.


Photo credit: Lamu door – Hikiing – Isaac Mugwe, Unsplash; Samuru tribe – Ken Kahiri, Unsplash;
Big Tusker elephant – a-p-q, Unsplash; Door in Lamu – Yash Shah, Unsplash.


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