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Back from Tanzania

  • Tamzania Balloon Safari

LiNGER’s founder, Steve, is back from Tanzania, having sought out the best this spectacular country has to offer. Beyond the traditional safaris, Steve has been discovering the real Tanzania: the lesser-known spots to put the ‘Wow!’ into your sabbatical or holiday.

Pemba Island

1. Pemba Island

“This island is largely undiscovered. The emerald green of mango and clove plantations contrasts with the white sands of the deserted beaches. Turquoise waters, frequented by dolphins and whalesharks, conceal the best coral reefs in the East of Africa.”

2. Gibbs Farm

“This stay was a true highlight. Seeing local village life – classes at the school, men forging bricks from earth – accompanied by a Massai villager, brought the human element into my trip. Embers flew as I roasted coffee beans straight from the Farm’s plantation under the patient instruction of the Farm’s local expert. These personal interactions made my Kenyan experience more meaningful.”

Gibbs Farm
Balloon Safari

3. Balloon Safari

“Taking an aerial view across the Serengeti allows you to appreciate the full immensity of the plains. Seeing the movements of the wildlife from a bird’s eye perspective visualises the enormity and pre-destined pattern of the migration.”

4. Land of the Upside Down Tree

“Our guide recounted the local legend of the Baobab tree bemoaning its ugliness to the Gods, only to be uprooted and thrown to the ground head first. These colossal trunks with their tangled sprawling branches provide a surreal setting for a hike in the wilderness.”

Baobab Tree


Photo credit: Balloon safari – The Africa Hub; Gibbs Farm Coffee – Gibbs Farm; Whale shark – Naushad Mohamed, Unsplash; Baobab – Nomad Tz


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