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Be the only Traveller: Go here before tourists return

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Part 2 – Some unmissable countries are re-emerging as viable destinations, following periods of political unrest or Covid restrictions. Before travel picks up again, make the most of the lull in tourism to see these spectacular places without the crowds.

Sri Lanka - Blog

Sri Lanka

This calm and colourful country has an art of bouncing back.  

Seize this opportunity to hike the newly opened Pekoe trails winding through the rolling landscapes, where time stands still in tranquil villages. Seek out elusive leopards amidst the wild wonders of Yala National Park. Let the wind sweep through your hair on a train journey through the awe-inspiring vistas of tea country. Sri Lanka’s open-hearted people will welcome you.   

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The splendours of Peru have re-opened to the world. Before tourism fully returns, grasp the chance to journey into the Inca heartland of the Sacred Valley. Brave the rapids on a thrilling white-water rafting adventure through the Apurimac Canyon. Embark on a trek through cloud-kissed forests along the tranquil banks of the Araza River. Peru’s treasures await your discovery. 

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Peru - Blog
Chinese Fisherman - Blog


Take this moment to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of China. Discover historic gems like the Great Wall, the enigmatic Terracotta Army and the intricately adorned Han or Ming Dynasty temples, without the usual gaggle of tourists. 

Step off the tourist trail to witness fishermen’s remarkable partnership with cormorants on the enchanting River Li. Wind through vibrant rice paddies along the Dragon’s Backbone, and wander through picturesque villages in the timeless embrace of Huangshan. Unveil China’s hidden wonders. 

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Photo credits: Sri Lanka train – gemmmm ♥ on Unsplash


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