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Creating Smiles from Sabbaticals

  • Transformation: creating Smiles from Sabbaticals

Transformation: creating Smiles from Sabbaticals

Travelling with LiNGER contributes to the social initiatives we support. Our latest project has brought smiles to the faces of these Sri Lankan children.

Our partners on-the-ground care about their workers and their environment. Rosyth Estate House, a beautiful, family-run hotel set among tea plantations in rural Sri Lanka, is committed to helping their local community.

At LiNGER, we set aside a proportion of our profits to benefit local initiatives. This time, we partnered with Rosyth Estate House to fund a new playground for the children of the local school, and new school shoes.  The school has committed teachers and a strong curriculum. The staff does a fantastic job to integrate ethnic groups from the outset to foster understanding.

Guests at Rosyth Estate House can take part in a cultural exchange at the school. By helping out at the breakfasts Rosyth provides, guests can interact in an authentic and mutually respectful way with local children. The pupils are always excited to welcome guests and practise their English, and some even learn a poem to recite.

Transformation: creating Smiles from Sabbaticals


Photo credit: Photos courtesy of Rosyth Estate House


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