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Sabbatical & Experiential Travel to Denmark

Holidays & Sabbaticals to Denmark – In a Nutshell

How does Denmark constantly rank as one of the world’s happiest countries? Alongside its egalitarian and community-minded society, it has to be the mix of a love of the outdoors; landscapes of epic natural beauty; the blend of the modern and the quaintly historical; the buzz of sustainability and innovation; and, of course, the good food.

Denmark is a land of the outdoors, with exceptional hiking and biking. Its miles and miles of coastline boasts unspoilt white-sand beaches, ancient fjords and small coves, with a countryside of lake districts, rolling hills and gentle valleys dotted with windmills.

Architecture here ranges from the iconically modern to the historically picturesque. Throughout the countryside, castles stand proud, largely still inhabited by the same families down the generations. Fairytales endure in the pretty, cobblestone villages and the Viking heritage is palpable in the centuries-old towns.

The Danish food scene has exploded and is now considered the culinary capital of Scandinavia, with Michelin stars aplenty, alongside innovative, quirky eateries, with a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

The charming and hospitable kingdom of Denmark offers visitors a varied, exciting and unforgettable experience.

Denmark Experiences you shouldn’t miss

Historic castles: Visit a castle – many are still inhabited by titled families. Kronberg Castle and Egeskov Castle are some real gems.

Hike & Bike: Denmark is criss-crossed with fantastic hiking and cycling routes (with few inclines!). Hike through the sweeping national parks and discover small islands (like Aero) by bike.

Self-drive: With well-signposted roads and little traffic – and good drivers! – Denmark is a pleasure to drive through. Connections are excellent between islands – by car ferry or impressive bridges.

Michelin stars: Take your pick from the 30 Michelin-starred restaurants across the mainland and islands.

Quirky eats: Innovation is palpable in Denmark, not least in the wide variety of eateries. Have lunch in a converted bus depot and coffee in a commune.

Fairytales: Step into the land of fairytales at Hans Christian Andersen’s cottage in Odense – the starting point for an underground adventure as the museum descends below the medieval streets.

Clean-up kayaks: Take out a ‘Green Kayak’ along the canals of Copenhagen, or on Funen or Jutland – your outing is free if you pick up a piece of rubbish along the way!

Lego: Denmark is the birthplace of Lego. Indulge the kids with a day at Legoland or Lego House in Billund.

Viking life: Step back in time at an interactive Viking experience in Ribe, Denmark’s first town.

Off the Beaten Path in Denmark

Explore the islands: Outside Copenhagen, most of Denmark remains largely undiscovered by outsiders. Stay on the quaint island of Aero. Bornholm is a favourite among locals.

Oysters: Go on an oyster or seaweed safari with a local expert and sample your harvest.

Seal spotting: Hike to the coast of Wadden Sea national park to view colonies of seals relaxing on the beach.

Gastronomic tour: Discover the best of Aarhus’s burgeoning culinary scene with a private guide.

Beach huts: Stroll along the miles of pretty white beach huts dotted along the white sands of Lokken Beach.

Cycle Chef: Enjoy Copenhagen like a local – on a bicycle! With a difference – a cycling chef can guide you through the best eateries and stop for samples along the way.

Kayak the coast: Explore the beautiful coast of Funen island or South Jutland on a kayak.

Dive in! Wild swimming is part of the culture in Denmark. Watch locals plunge into canals and rivers, and purpose-built harbour pools… and join them if you dare!

Artisans: As you drive through Denmark, stop off where you see signs for local produce and artisanal wares, to sample the freshest farm produce and browse handmade pottery.


National Parks such as Wadden Sea are oases for birdlife. Watch swooping flocks swirl above as you hike across the grasslands. Seals are common in several coastal areas – visit colonies along the beaches (outside breeding times).

How to Get to Denmark

Fly direct to Copenhagen in approx. 2 hours from London and approx. 8 hours from New York

When & Weather – Denmark

Denmark is best over the early summer months, May-June. At this time, the weather is warmer (up to 22 degrees C) and rain is less likely than in the later months of Aug-October.

Who will Denmark Appeal To?

  • Lovers of the Great Outdoors
  • Culture buffs and History lovers
  • Fans of Art & Architecture – both historic and modern
  • Active travellers
  • Denmark is a child-friendly destination


Stay in the hunting lodge of Skjoldemose Manor with the Lord and Lady as hosts; enjoy a luxurious stay at a historic Copenhagen hotel, or enjoy a ‘hyggelig’ (cosy and homely) welcome at a small boutique hotel on a sandy-shored island. Calming Scandinavian palettes and wooden interiors await.

Start Planning

Our experienced team will guide you through a number of ideas based on how you would like to experience Denmark.

Consider visiting Denmark in combination with The Faroe Islands to feel the full force of nature.

Browse our gallery for inspiration and read the sample itinerary below to whet your appetite.

No matter how long you have to travel, we’ll guide you through the planning process to ensure a trip is carefully pieced together to suit your interests, pace of travel and budget.

Denmark Itinerary


Photos courtesy of Visit Denmark, Peter Joergensen, Mette Johnsen, Daniel Brandt Andersen, Visit Aarhus, Kim Wyon, Gade Lasse Hjort