Sabbatical & Experiential Travel to Europe

Worlds collide in Europe, where East meets West and cultures display influence from every corner of the Earth. Epic history, magical scenery, and awe-inspiring diversity combine to produce a continent of unforgettable experiences.

Europe invites you to explore the outdoors. From the Alps to the Apennines and the Carpathians to the Caucasus, Europe’s mountain ranges are staggering. Hiking and biking opportunities are plentiful, and for more adventurous travellers there’s plenty to discover, from canyoning and kayaking to via ferrata and rafting. Stray from the obvious choices and there are paths less-trodden crying out to be explored.

On the coast, karst landscapes and turquoise waters dazzle in Croatia and Montenegro, studded with ancient stone towns and iconic orange-tiled roofs. Waterfalls gush down every gulley in a cascading symphony along the dramatic coastline of the Faroe islands, misty veils rising in their wake.

The cuisine is an important part of European travel and you’ll find unexpected delights wherever you go. Vineyards and olive groves abound, adding an epicurean element to every trip. Sample haggis in Scotland, fresh truffles in Croatia, and burek in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The seasons bring with them new adventures. In Switzerland, winter is made for skiing, while summer is a hikers’ paradise – plus you’ll find Italian-style gelato to help combat the heat, a benefit of its close neighbours. In fact, with ties to France, Germany, and Italy, Switzerland’s cuisine, languages and cultures are a wonderful mix of all three.

Visit Greenland in winter to experience the beauty of the Northern Lights, and in summer for the endless midnight sun. Year-round you’ll find colossal icebergs and gigantic glaciers, as well as the vast Greenland Ice Cap, which takes up 80% of this island nation. Charming towns with primary-coloured homes dot the coastline. Friendly locals welcome you with open arms, a mix of Danish and Inuit cultures with Viking history to boot.

Then there are Europe’s numerous cities and towns, home to some of the world’s finest museums, best restaurants, most ornate churches, and vibrant nightlife. In Romania, ancient traditions and cultures go hand in hand with modernity, from the Parisian-style boulevards of Bucharest to the quaint colourful centre of Sibiu. In Switzerland and the UK, you’ll encounter cities with buzzing nightlife, cool galleries and riverside bars, not to mention beautiful architecture, spanning from the modern to the medieval.

Across the continent, there’s an endless wealth of attractions that each make up a minuscule piece of the puzzle—every country has its own unique story, told through its architecture, monuments, art, languages, and people. Whatever captures your imagination, you’ll no doubt find it here. And we’re here to help you along the way.


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Photo credits: Unsplash: Faroe Islands, Marc Zimmer; Romania, Paul Mocan; Switzerland, Robert Doyle; Montenegro Sveti Stefan, Oleg Gratilo.

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India Family holiday, Dec 2022

“The itinerary that Steve put together worked perfectly; we saw so many different places but without feeling like we were rushed or constantly on the road and the hotels we stayed in were full of charm. It really was the holiday of a lifetime.”

Tim & Deborah

Indonesia Sabbatical, Jul-Aug 2023

“We have had a truly memorable trip. We have had such a range of great experiences during the past few weeks and have stayed in places we would never have found ourselves.”

Richard & Laura, Law-firm Partner

Beyond Safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar, Family sabbatical, Jul-Aug 2023

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E & S, Law-firm partner and Family

Central America road trip, Family Sabbatical, Jul-Sep 2023

“We went on 8 flights, to 5 countries, stayed at 12 hotels, crossed 3 land borders, and must have had about 30 tours – all of it meticulously planned and executed by Steve at LiNGER.”

Jon Pierce & Family

Central America road trip, Family Sabbatical, Jul-Sep 2023

“From the very first call to discuss where in the world we should head, to returning home, LiNGER were there with us, ensuring everything just seamlessly fell into place.”

Jon Pierce & Family

Japan Sabbatical, Oct 2023

“The planning of the trip in terms of travel, pickups, was seamless and hotels were really very special. We thank you so much for helping us enjoy a really fantastic trip.”

G Fugard

Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Solo Sabbatical Part Two, Feb-Mar 2022

“My trip was amazing, and Steve knows all the people and places en route which meant that I did not worry about a thing and genuinely looked for to each new destination with total confidence that it would be right.”

Anna Guyer, CEO Greenhouse PR

Costa Rica & Nicaragua, Solo Sabbatical Part Two, Feb-Mar 2022

“I would not hesitate in recommending Steve and his approach to travel – he really has a wonderful perspective that helps to bring the places you visit to life and gives you an experience to remember.”

Anna Guyer, CEO Greenhouse PR

Iceland, Denmark & Faroe Islands, Family Sabbatical, Jul-Aug, 2022

“Your planning help and imagination really helped make this trip. That includes your exquisite professionalism in coordinating everything. Thank you, thank you, for making this such a special time.”

Marie, Glenn & Family

Honeymoon in Nicaragua, Jul 2021

“I could not be happier. You chose such special and memorable places and I have so many great memories. You just don’t know! My SnapChat tells a cultural story. So much more than the typical vacation.”

Kathryn Phillips