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Family Travel

We design one-off experiences in beautiful locations creating lifelong memories.

We listen to your needs and plan around your interests; no two LiNGER trips are ever the same.

LiNGER and Enrich Life through Travel.

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Escape on a private LiNGER journey.

Stay somewhere with a story, a memorable view and a sense of place. A hotel can be much more than just a bed for the night.

Enjoy activities to suit your interests from countryside hiking and road biking to city walking and mangrove kayaking; from painting oxcarts and textile crafts to wildlife encounters and volcano summits.

Snorkel the Belizean Cayes and dive the Indonesian archipelago. Relax in the late afternoon and enjoy a sunset drink and a regionally inspired dinner. The better we get to know you, the better we’ll understand your needs and make the right suggestions.

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Toddlers to Teens

Whether you have young children or teens who are about to fly the nest, your time spent on a holiday together is one of the most important of the year.

We plan exciting, well-balanced holidays and sabbaticals with children.

Having children ourselves, we know what is important and what you need when you are away.  Often it is planning around the youngest family member which makes a trip successful.

The importance of simplifying logistics, child-friendly hotel room configurations, swimming pools to keep kids occupied in the afternoons, guides who interact well with tweens and teens, meals to suit a child’s palate and balancing family-friendly adventure with time for relaxation.

The attention to detail on these key elements will all be part of your personalised trip plan.

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We love the concept of travelling with grandkids and grandparents. Share something special in a magical location, perhaps to mark a milestone birthday.

With this, however, careful planning is required. You may want to limit movement from one location to another so logistics are simplified.

You’ll want enough space to not drive each other crazy. Villas and buyouts of small boutique hotels can work just as well as a fully equipped resort.

We’ll walk you through a number of ideas, engaging with each generation of your family to plan a trip to remember and reminisce over dinner for years to come.