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Just back from Colombia

Laura, our Project Manager, has been vetting experiences in Colombia. She shares some of the most special moments to inspire you for your next trip to Latin America:

The vibrancy of this country is what strikes you most. Beyond the obvious – the colours of Cartagena, the greens and blues of forest and sea, and the Latin rhythms of the soundscape – it’s digging below the surface that really brings this country to life. For me it was  Medellin’s stories of facing adversity with art, the moving passion of LiNGER’s guides for their subject matter, and the ebullience of the local producers sharing their expertise with me.

Flying fish and relaxed vibes

“Blustered by the warm salt breeze on a boat ride along the pristine coast of Bahia Solano, flying baby tuna fish leapt through the air alongside us like skimming birds. Along the beaches, the vibe was chilled as local families congregated with music and beers to celebrate the end of the week.”

Vibrancy and music

“By night Cartagena buzzes with life to the sound of live salsa, marching bands and the laughter of friends. The artistic graffiti splashes yet more colour onto the kaleidoscopic city and the street vendors, selling everything from cigarettes to large ants(!), add to the kinetic exuberance.”

A riot of colours

“By day, the vivid colours of Cartagena’s colonial facades blaze in the sunlight. Magenta bougainvillea trail from the colonnaded balconies and orange hibiscus trumpets compete for attention. The city has inhaled a rainbow and bursts with its flamboyant joy.”

Samplings & Stories

“The colourful Paloquemao market, Bogotá, was brought to life through the passionate insights of my local guide, Maria. Exotic fruits, empanadas, cacao and coffee samplings all accompanied by captivating stories. Then back to the hotel for rum tasting…wow, I now officially like rum!”.

Breakdancing to break out

“The absolute highlight of my trip was a visit to Comuna 13 in Medellin. This neighbourhood has transformed from one of the city’s most troubled to one bursting with life, spectacular street art, breakdancing and buzzy little bars. My fantastic guide Angela brought her home turf to life for me and moved me with her stories.”


Photo credit: Laura’s own holiday snaps, plus Cartagena by Sara-Illustration, Unsplash.


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