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7 Ways to Give Back on Sabbatical

As well as what you take personally from your experiences, travel is also about the impression you leave. Here are seven ways to travel positively...


Top 6 Transformative Travel Experiences

Travel shifts perspectives. Here are the LiNGER team’s most profound experiences...


Avoid hidden charges while Abroad

ATM fees and bank fees for card purchases can add up quickly abroad. It's also easy to get caught out by unfavourable exchange rates...


Our top most unusual safaris from around the world

Safaris are not just for the Serengeti – here are our top most unusual safaris from around the world...


Back from Tanzania

LiNGER’s founder, Steve, is back from Tanzania, having sought out the best this spectacular country has to offer. Beyond the traditional safaris, Steve has been discovering the real Tanzania: the lesser-known spots to put the ‘Wow!’…


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