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Our top most unusual safaris from around the world

  • Peacock - Top Safaris From Around The World

Safaris are not just for the Serengeti – here are our top most unusual safaris from around the world:

Sri Lankan Safari

1. Sri Lankan Safari

A safari outside Africa? Absolutely – in Sri Lanka. Trek the forest with a local Tribal Leader in Gal Oya and discover the herbal remedies and natural fridges they use. Look out for leopards in Yala, and see elephants, crocodiles, wild peacocks and toque macacs.

2. Frog Safari, Costa Rica

Trek to the top amphibian hang-outs at ‘Frog Heaven’ in Costa Rica. Identify each ‘rana’ with the help of a local guide – these colourful croakers come in ‘blue jeans’, ‘strawberry’ and ‘emerald’, among many other kaleidoscopic variations. Grab a torch to spot the species more active at night time.

Frog Safari Costa Rica
Oyster Safari Denmark

3. Oyster Safari, Denmark

Don your waders, sift through seaweed and get your chucks ready on this gastronomic coastal expedition in Jutland. The local expert will share her pearls of knowledge as you claw open a treasure trove of delectable tradition.

4. Skeleton Safari, Namibia

Rise in a light aircraft over the spectacular meeting of the desert and the sea along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. View the vessels that met their fate at the ‘Gates of Hell’, and gaze upon vast colonies of seals draped over rocks along the shore.

Skeleton Safari Namibia
Sea Safari Scotland

5. Sea Safari, Scotland

On this Hebridian sea safari, explore the coves and cliffs and islands of this remote stretch of Scottish coastline. Your concierge service travels ahead to prepare the next luxury glamping stop and a sumptuous dinner before the next leg of your seafaring adventure.

6. Nihiwatu Spa Safari TM, Indonesia

Arrive on horseback at your treatment bale, perched on a green cliff over sweeping sapphire seas. Try a variety of Indonesian healing methods at jungle treatment stations to the soundscape of nature, with magnificent views.

Nihiwatu Spa Safari Indonesia
Balloon Safari Tanzania

7. Balloon Safari, Tanzania

For a novel perspective on the traditional African safari, take an aerial view across the Serengetti. Floating through the skies in a hot air balloon, appreciate the full immensity of the plains and the circularity of the migration.



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