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Sabbatical Travel Planning

A sabbatical trip presents the ultimate luxury of time to do something different. Whether you’re planning solo, en famille or just the two of you, sabbatical travel requires careful planning and a meticulous attention to detail.

What happens next?

  • We highly recommend you start planning a sabbatical as early as possible. Sabbatical planning takes time with lots of research and shouldn’t feel hurried. With advance planning you avoid any complications such as hotel or flight availability.
  • We recommend meeting you in person, at a place and time convenient to you, to listen and learn about you, your family, your interests and your bucket list. Just as importantly, it is key we learn about your dislikes and what to avoid when travelling.
  • We’ll discuss destinations, logistics, experiences, budget and whether to add an altruistic element to your journey.
  • We offer the opportunity to partake in a meaningful activity in an area that matters to you or where you may have a skillset.
  • This could be a community, conservation, environment or social activity or project for example:
    devote time to teaching in a village school in Nicaragua or help with a conservation project researching plant species in the Amazon.
  • When families are concerned, we are experts in planning exciting yet not overwhelming, sabbatical travel with children.  Having children ourselves, we know the importance of simplifying logistics, preparing for eventualities and of balancing entertaining the kids with time for relaxation.
  • With our in-depth and personal knowledge of each country we work with and the logistics that connect them, we will fully immerse you in each of your destinations. Pace, variety and contrast are essential when travelling.
  • Strike a balance between luxury and humble lodgings to ensure both are valuable experiences.
  • We believe it’s important to keep active but allow time for relaxation and reflection to ensure a richer, deeper and more meaningful trip.
  • Our itineraries move at a sensible pace and LiNGER longer.
  • Look at a transfer as part of the adventure, not just a movement from A to B.
  • See highlights from your bucket list but also discover places known only to locals and insiders.
  • Venture off the tourist trail, experience life that safely teeters outside your comfort zone.
  • Experience a country at its most authentic. Pace your trip to embrace rather than just observe.

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